OncoPherese device and inventor M. Rigdon Lentz, M.D.
OncoPherese induces tumor inflammation & destruction as shown in this sequence of thermographic images.
The Lentz Practice in Prien, Germany

The International Immunology Foundation sponsors research on advanced treatments for cancer, especially OncoPherese, a breakthrough technology that can shrink and often eliminate malignant tumors more effectively than chemotherapy or radiation – without harmful side effects. OncoPherese is administered by highly trained medical doctors in an outpatient setting, and is effective against a broad range of metastatic cancers. This novel therapy is based on decades of research on how tumors shield themselves from the immune system, and how this barrier can be removed. OncoPherese is available at the Lentz Practice in Prien, Germany, an hour from Munich by car.


Conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation rarely work well for metastatic cancer. Even when they do induce regression, side effects can be severe. OncoPherese is both more effective and much gentler than conventional treatments. 


OncoPherese has been shown to be effective against a broad range of metastatic cancer types. We have collected data from 100+ patients with 25 different tumor types treated in formal clinical trials and at the Lentz Practice. Further clinical trials are being planned.


Patients and their families like OncoPherese both because the treatment works well and has minimal side effects – so quality of life remains good. We have collected comments from patients and loved ones regarding their experience with OncoPherese.


Physicians appreciate that OncoPherese uses hospital-grade technology based on solid science, administered by a highly trained medical team. Here we collect comments from doctors and researchers who have referred patients and seen results first hand.


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