International Immunology Foundation Mission Statement

Foundation Mission

Recent advances in understanding the relationship between cancer cells and the human immune system have produced much excitement in scientific and clinical communities around the world.

The mission of the International Immunology Foundation is to support scientific and medical efforts to bring these advances to the bedside of those most in need.

More specifically, the Foundation mission is to:

  • Conduct basic scientific research in tumor immunology
  • Support clinical research in tumor immunology
  • Support patient care
  • Support medical education


International Immunology Foundation
Dr.-Siebert-Str. 5
83209 Prien

We’re open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central European Time (Eastern Standard Time + 6 hours).


From within Germany: +49-8051-909-300
From EU to Germany: +49-8051-909-300
From the U.S.: 011-49-8051-909-300


From within Germany: +49-8051-909-301
From EU to Germany: +49-8051-909-301
From the U.S.: 011-49-8051-909-301