Kiran Lentz, M.D.

Kiran Lentz, M.D. is an experienced German physician and international expert in OncoPherese, having treated patients with metastatic cancer using various versions of the technology and protocol for over thirteen years.

Dr. Lentz received her Doctor of Medicine in 2000 from Heinrich-Heine University (HHU) School of Medicine, Düsseldorf. She performed clinical laboratory work in the department of dermatology and neuropathology (HHU), in seminars in neural and chelation therapy, and in seminars with certificate in orthomolecular medicine led by Dr. Wolf-Dieter Bessing, Mönchengladbach, DGOM.

Dr. Lentz began her medical career in 2001 with an internship at the Benediktusquelle (Fachklinik für Komplementäre Onkologie), a specialized hospital for complementary medicine, including whole body hyperthermia, in Hessen, near Frankfurt. That same year, she also worked for Schwerpunkt Praxis Bach in Solingen, a practice focused on complementary oncology and immunology. She later consulted in oncology for Prof. Grönemeyer, University Witten/Herdecke, Bochum.

From 2001-2003, she served a residency at Fachklinik Für Komplementäre Onkologie at Bad Aibling, Bavaria, where she also participated in clinical work. She received her full medical license in 2002, and a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate from the Institute for Clinical Research and Development, IKFE, led by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Pfützner in September, 2003.

Dr. Kiran Lentz began studying apheresis for oncology in 2002 with Dr. M. Rigdon Lentz – whom she later married – and from 2003-2004 participated in the planning and execution of a clinical trial for patients with late stage metastatic cancer in Mainz, Germany using an earlier version of the OncoPherese technology.

Dr. Lentz was instrumental in launching a commercial clinic for treatment of cancer patients via OncoPherese beginning in 2005, and in preparation of documents for EU regulatory authorities resulting in the award of a CE-mark for OncoPherese in 2008. She has remained active in the treatment of patients, and has been intimately involved in the development of the next generation of OncoPherese technology.

Dr. Lentz has a deep interest in combining holistic medicine with conventional modalities. In addition to obtaining her M.D., she studied acupuncture with DÄGFA, receiving a diploma in 2002. She also has a great interest in and knowledge of nutritional support and orthomolecular medicine, and maintains her own private practice specializing in holistic support for patients with advanced cancers.

She is the author of several publications in the stem cell field as well as on the immunologic treatment of cancer. She is a member of the German Association of Hyperthermia, Thermography and Acupuncture; and the International Society For Apheresis. She has been an advisor to the non-profit International Immunology Foundation since 2008.

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff couldn’t have been more warm, gracious and hospitable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you … for the care and comfort you have provided for my wife over the past months.

I support you, your work and your treatment and can give no greater recommendation to others. AM, PH.D.


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