For Prospective Patients

OncoPherese Treatment Is…


  • No drugs or radiation
  • No surgery other than installation of subclavian catheter
  • No long-term adverse effects


  • Over 100 metastatic patients have been treated to date with OncoPherese procedure and technology; another 100 treated previously with prior UltraPhereis™ technology
  • Data show: effective against most, perhaps all solid tumor types
  • Majority of patients experienced significant tumor reduction, with many attaining remission
  • Annual maintenance treatments required for some patients to remain in remission, but…
  • Efficacy constant in repeat applications (tumors do not build tolerance)

Good Quality of Life On Treatment

  • No hair loss, immune suppression, renal damage or other adverse effects
  • Transient tumor pain and flu-like symptoms while on treatment
  • Average treatment: 3-6 hours per day, 3-5 days per week, 1-3 months total
  • Patients can read, watch movies or sleep while on treatment; live actively while off

Patient Qualifications

All patients must be approved for treatment by the staff of the Lentz Practice; a referral from a physician is not sufficient by itself for admission. There are some important disqualifiers: Patients with a prognosis of less than 2 months, with Karnofsky status below 50%, or with significant co-morbidities are generally too sick for OncoPherese.

Tumors in the central nervous system (CNS) pose special risks when treated by OncoPherese. Tumor inflammation is a normal response to OncoPherese, a reaction that is well-tolerated in most regions of the body with the exception of the CNS, where it can lead to cerebral edema and other potentially life-threatening conditions. We do not accept any patients with active tumors in the brain stem; however, we have recently started treating patients with tumors in the brain itself, with positive results. We accept such patients on a very limited, case-by-case basis.

Treatment Options

The following treatment and therapeutic options are available at the Lentz Practice and/or at associated nearby hospitals.


  • Complete hospital laboratory testing
  • Ultrasound
  • CAT scan, MRI, PET scans
  • Specific Immune lab tests (NK cells, lymphocyte subsets, etc.)
  • Thermography
  • Tumor staging and follow up
  • Second opinion


  • OncoPherese of soluble inhibitors of TNF
  • Hormonal or anti-hormonal therapies
  • Immune enhancement therapies
  • Immune complementary modalities
Patients meet frequently with their doctors.
Patients meet frequently with their doctors.

Patient Care

Patients and family receive the very best medical and nursing care in first class, comfortable surroundings. Our friendly and competent Patient Care Coordination staff ensures that you have everything you need. Our patients see their doctors several times per treatment day. We do our best for our patients!
All our treatment rooms feature stunning views of the Bavarian Alps.
All our treatment rooms feature stunning views of the Bavarian Alps.

Support for the Patient’s Immune System

All our treatment rooms feature stunning views of the Bavarian Alps.
Optimizing the efficacy of OncoPherese in treating your cancer requires that your immune system be as strong as possible. Thus we also provide a sophisticated program of nutritional and micro-nutritional support along with exercise and stress management. Often life-style changes are necessary to achieve the longest possible clinical benefit.

The Lentz Practice is located in an idyllic rural setting at the base of the Alps, with clean air and water and very little noise. During your time with us, we encourage you to enjoy Mozart, nature and your returning health. We make every possible effort to minimize or eliminate stress, which in our experience interferes with optimal tumor response.

Your treatment has saved my life. AM, PH.D.
I am only one of a group of people who have come with a variety of cancer types who now have our cancers under control. FM
Unlike my experiences with chemo, radiation and surgery, this treatment was like a walk in a nice park. MF
There are no words that can express the depth of my gratitude. FH
Was it worth the expense, time and pain to go to Bavaria? … The answer is a wholehearted “Yes.” DG


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