Patient Testimonials

What do patients and their families who have received or observed OncoPherese therapy for advanced cancers have to say about it?

The following are additional written testimonials about OncoPherese treatment:

When I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, my family and I were quite devastated. We sought the advice of many medical people and friends. We searched the web for days and days.
The big concerns were how to ensure that every cancerous cell would be eliminated and that adverse side effects would be minimized. Being a retired engineer, I quite enjoyed the analytical challenge, given the diversity of alternatives and severity of the consequences.

It soon became clear that the OncoPherese process was head and shoulders above the other treatments. But the high cost was a major negative because various free therapies were available under Canada’s government sponsored health care program. Despite the financial penalty we decided to proceed with OncoPherese and underwent one month of treatment. My PSA, scans and physical findings were normal one month later. I requested another follow-up cycle to hopefully mop up any malignant cells that might still exist.

Virtually every day we express gratitude that we chose OncoPherese because by all indications I am cancer-free and have absolutely no side effects except for some residual results from eight months of hormone therapy years ago.

The clinic is a 5 star facility situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Professionalism and excellence are constantly evident. The staff are friendly and personable.

A remarkable experience! JP

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff couldn’t have been more warm, gracious and hospitable. The clinic is comfortable. I appreciated the location in Prien, a picturesque and quiet place to be treated and recover. Unlike my experiences with chemo, radiation and surgery, this treatment was like a walk in a nice park.
Weekends were used to explore and sightsee; a sharp contrast to my weekends following traditional treatments.

After the first month of treatment two of the four tumors in my lungs resolved by CAT scan. I continued treatment for another 6 weeks.

On my return to Los Angeles, I was re-examined by my referring Oncologist. My repeat CAT scan at UCLA revealed that one tumor metastasis had decreased from 1.4 x 1.0 cm to 0.9 x 0.7 cm and resembled “ground glass” infiltrate. The second tumor in the lungs had decreased from 0.8 x 0.6 to 0.4 x 0.3 cm with same “ground glass” appearance. The 3rd tumor was 1.2 x 0.7 cm before treatment and after treatment could not be found. The 4th tumor had also resolved. The PET scan at UCLA after treatment showed only one area of slight activity but was described as “too small to characterize”.

In short the OncoPherese treatment was very successful.

I am a grateful patient. My wife has been a “Florence Nightingale” on steroids through my 3 years of care and recovery from different treatments. The horrible side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery not only made my life miserable as a patient, but made my entire family suffer as well.

OncoPherese doesn’t eliminate the stress on the family, but it greatly reduces it. And to my wife’s satisfaction as well, it works! MF

I am a 56-yr old woman who was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer two years ago. When conventional treatment failed (I was too far gone for surgery, got chemo for 5 months here in D.C.). I went to Germany to the Lentz Practice for OncoPherese.
This is highly scientific, technological in nature, not some kind of health food quackery.

After treatment which was spread out on and off for over a year, I am now in clinical remission. The treatment is based on apheresis of inhibitors to the TNF response to cancer.

This is a treatment that can help thousands of cancer patients in the future. I am only one of a group of people who have come with a variety of cancer types who now have our cancers under control.

I would welcome the chance to tell your readers about this revolutionary treatment of advanced cancers.

Yours, FM

Your treatment has saved my life. There is no stronger statement that I could make regarding the value of your treatment.
It is clear to me that OncoPherese should be the standard of care for those of us patients who have a diagnosis of sarcoma, metastatic or otherwise. Other than OncoPherese, there were no additional options available to treat my disease, after having exhausted surgical intervention.

Each and every sarcoma patient deserves to have the same life-saving and limb preserving treatment that has been available to me.

Because your treatment stimulates the immune system to fight against the cancer it is clear that it is extremely valuable to all cancer patients. There are, no doubt, additional applications for this type of treatment as well.

I support you, your work and your treatment and can give no greater recommendation to others. It is my hope that the medical community and insurance community become aware of the significance and value of your treatment and support it as well. AM, PH.D.

There are many things that I really value about the OncoPherese treatment. They are as important as one another but I’ve written them down as they come to my mind:
After undergoing a year of chemotherapy and a month of radiotherapy in Ireland my body was wasted. I worked hard through nutrition and spiritual development to get my physical body back to feeling normal. I had a few good years but was always “working on it”. Then my breast cancer returned.

The cancer had spread to my liver, lungs, omentum and extensively in my bones. The options put forward were chemo and radiotherapy. I was told that the chemo doesn’t really work well on bone metastases and radiotherapy would be used to reduce pain as the cancer advanced. What I was facing then was chemo until the end of my life. And that would be anything from 2 months to an unknown small number of years. The thought filled me with dread. To be as sick as I was while under the chemo regime, without any evidence that it was going to work, was just utterly disheartening. Why would anyone do it?

So when I found out about OncoPherese treatment, which supports the immune system to battle cancer rather than bombing the whole system with toxic treatment which hurts the body badly, I got that surge of hope. It felt intuitively right.

Hope: I no longer think of this cancer as a fatal disease, but rather something manageable, along the lines of dialysis for kidney disease. I feel like I’m back in control.

Environment: I really appreciate the clean air and quiet country surrounding the clinic. The Alps are outside the window as the view during the days hooked up to the machine.

I appreciate the kind and supportive, highly trained staff who look after our every need during treatment – from sips of water when you need it to transfusions and infusions.

I’m well: My family, friends and doctors cannot believe how well I am. They look at me, sparkling and strong. Since my diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer, my doctors have watched as the CT scans consistently show reduction after reduction in the size of lung and liver tumors, complete disappearance of omental cancer, and a regrowth of bone in all the places that had been decimated by cancer eating them away.

Chemo couldn’t do that. Radiotherapy couldn’t do that. Surgery couldn’t do that. And a combination of the three couldn’t do that either.

My pain has reduced to nothing, I can walk long distances, swim, play with my young niece and nephew, take in social events, in other words, I have staying power again. I have my life back.

Thank you for your invention of, development of, and belief in this medical treatment and your staying power for seeing it through till it gets recognized and funded and available to hospitals who actually want to cure people of their cancer.

All my gratitude and appreciation, JB

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for all your help in dealing with my Prostate Cancer. When I was at the clinic in October, my case was grim with a rapidly rising PSA, a bone scan showing significant metastatic activity and new signs of lymphatic involvement.
So, I started OncoPherese treatment with a great deal of fear. However, after the first cycle of treatment my numbers were looking much better with both the PSA and other laboratory tests improving. Now on returning for my second maintenance treatment my bone scan shows no new lesions and the old ones have decreased.

In my mind there is no doubt that the treatment works, but my ‘Thank You’ goes further; it extends to your well trained staff who always show concern for the patient, and your willingness to spend time with each patient. During periods of anxiety it was very comforting that you took the time to explain the treatment, its effects, and treatment alternatives.

Thank you, JM

Once again we want to state how honored we feel to be under your care here at the clinic.
You have created perhaps the only place on the planet where cancer is killed so effectively and at the same time so gently for the patient.

And the value added by the excellent staff with their caring attitudes really makes the clinic a haven of true healing.

With Love, SM & JK

I am writing to say thank you again for your excellent care and treatment that I received from you while I was in Germany.
The OncoPherese treatment which you have spent years perfecting, is definitely going to be the preferred treatment of the future.

The fact that it actually works and has minimal side effects makes it the number one choice for patients.

I only wish it were available in the United States so I could have treatments near home and to give all Americans the opportunity to have access to this treatment.

Your work is greatly appreciated by those who have been fortunate enough to get your therapy.

Sincerely, SS

Another chapter begins. But the long 26-month night is over. Was it worth the expense, the time and the pain to go to Bavaria? If just to meet some amazing people there, to see and witness Dr. Rigdon Lentz’s treatment put cancer into remission and then to be shepherded by him to the unique treatment that finally delivered me from Hell… the answer is a wholehearted “Yes.”
If this is how the Glory of God works, so be it. Every step of the way I get a little more used to the passenger seat.

India is still on my mind but for now, we’re coming home… oh, that sounds good. Right now I could give you all a big hug.

Love from the happiest man on earth, DG

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you. I don’t think you understand the impact you are making, not only on our family, but soon to be the world. It is so inspiring and gives me hope for the future.
My mom means the world to me if you couldn’t tell. You have provided such opportunity, light, and happiness for my family and me. I could not be more grateful for helping my mom get her life back. Before she came to Germany, she thought her days were numbered. Now, she can be at my wedding, get to know her grandchildren, and live a healthy/cancer free life!

Love, AE

This is a snapshot of my daughter… who has valiantly and successfully fought her clear cell chondrosarcoma for over 16 years, but it serves to showcase the needs of all cancer patients and the life saving impact of an effective treatment.
During the first eleven years of her disease without a beneficial indication for chemotherapy or radiation there were multiple surgeries only. When she was diagnosed five years ago with numerous metastases, including a significant lesion in the skull, we—[my daughter] and her family—understood fully the ramifications of such a finding.

However, we also found hope and direction in a situation with no known viable options. We learned of the the Lentz Practice in Germany that was effectively treating terminal cancer patients with a novel form of immunepheresis.

So, in 2005 after debulking the skull tumor at UCSF, we headed to Bavaria where [my daughter] began her journey to health. Since then she has had no other medical intervention even in the presence of recurrence.

With OncoPherese, she has experienced clinical remission twice and there has been no recurrence since April 2008 when routine maintenance treatments were initiated. Quite simply, long intervals between treatments has caused the cancer to return and periodic treatment has kept her disease in check. Because of my firsthand experience, I can honestly say that my daughter would not be healthy and alive today if it were not for these treatments. Most important, she looks and feels well and leads an active life again, certainly the ultimate standard for health.

Every story and every patient is unique, but I dare say, that the readers of this letter have never heard of a patient healthy five years after the diagnosis of metastatic clear cell chondrosarcoma. I trust we agree that medical science is ever evolving. New, safe, and beneficial treatments –and hopefully cures, soon one day – are being developed world wide.

All that is required is to be open to these scientifically proven innovations, and to see objectively with fresh eyes what is now possible. In doing so there is only the choice of health and life for our loved ones, certainly, and for mankind universally. HM

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and the entire staff at the clinic for the care and comfort you have provided for my wife over the past months. I feel deeply indebted to you for developing and making available the OncoPherese process which has given life back to her.
There is no doubt in my mind that she would not be alive now had she not undertaken this treatment. There are no words that can express the depth of my gratitude.

The dedication and compassion of the staff of the clinic in administering the treatment has been inspirational. FH


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