Physician Testimonials

What do physicians who have recommended and/or observed OncoPherese treatment for advanced cancers have to say about it?
I have been associated with Dr. Lentz for approximately 25 years. Seriously ill cancer patients have been referred to him for OncoPherese, which has been remarkably effective in patients who would otherwise have expired.
Solubilized tumor necrosis factor receptors, when discharged from the cancer cell wall, cover the probes of toxic lymphocytes, making them inactive in controlling cancer. Filtration and immune adsorption lower the blood levels of these receptors and unburden the immune system, making the control of cancer more readily possible.

This procedure is the most remarkable therapy I have ever seen. JAMES FRACKELTON, M.D.

I have been a visiting scientist at the Lentz Practice in Prien. The team treats a variety of cancer types in an international patient population.
The therapy consists of a highly sophisticated method to remove soluble TNF inhibitors from the patientís blood.

I have observed each step in the process and interviewed and examined a number of patients who have had impressive clinical responses.

In summary, I judge this novel approach for immunotherapy of cancer to be promising and scientifically sound. It deserves expanded clinical application. DR. MED RALF KLEEF, M.D., PH.D.

I feel that I must write to you to thank you for the remarkable results you have achieved with my daughter to date. Over two years ago she was given a terminal diagnosis having developed extensive breast cancer metastases involving her lungs, liver, omentum, and bones.
Standard treatments with surgery, radiotherapy, Carboplatin, Taxotere, Herceptin and Tamoxifen and other chemotherapies had failed.

At that time through professional friends I came across your innovative treatment techniques and Jenny came under your care with remarkable results. Two years now after OncoPherese she is living a full life and her son of 14 years has an active mother who took him on holidays to Greece this year.

As a physician I can see that your treatment technique is developing at an extraordinary rate. I would make the point that in earlier days renal failure was a death sentence and then came dialysis opening up the possibility of renal transplant. Initially unproven, it has now become part of the Gold Standard.

I have no doubt about the efficacy of your system and would like to encourage you to continue its development and wider accessibility. It is a most worthwhile addition in the fight against cancer, in my daughterís case – breast cancer.

Yours sincerely, COLM BRADY, M.D.

I have been following the OncoPherese treatment of Dr. Lentz and his colleagues for a number of years and have visited the clinic twice, reviewed and discussed clinical results and interviewed and examined patients.
This treatment approach is scientifically sound and exploits the main barrier to the successful elimination of cancer – the inability of the patientís immune system to recognize and destroy tumor cells. The treatment is elegant but requires careful monitoring and artful medical management of the patientís clinical course.

It is also demanding on the time of the medical staff and requires complex and expensive equipment. Because of these factors it will be challenging to adopt this into standard medical practices.

In my medical opinion this treatment is a great advance in cancer therapeutics and should be made available on a wide basis and covered by insurance companies as soon as possible. Studies have shown that this therapy is more effective than those of the present standard of care for many if not most tumors. It is gentler and more biologically rational.

I hope to learn that this immune therapy is added to the covered cancer treatments by the insurance industry worldwide.

Sincerely, ROBERT S. WATERS, M.D.

Dear Dr. Lentz:
This is a letter of support for OncoPherese, the outstanding technique of extracorporeal immune-adsorbent technology that you and your colleagues have developed for the treatment of oncologic and autoimmune disorders.

This is a field of cutting edge research in oncology and immunology that should be pursued vigorously since it provides a novel and safer method of removing deleterious cytokines and cytokine inhibitors than currently available methods, and it offers a safer method of cancer treatment than the use of chemotherapy which suffers from so many adverse effects.

You are to be congratulated on conceiving this remarkable technology and I wish you continued success in improving the health of patients afflicted with malignant cancer.

I am confident that this technology should yield a harvest of improved health for these afflicted patients far beyond our present dreams and expectations.

Sincerely, JOSEPH A. BELLANTI, M.D. ADVISORY BOARD, THE International Immunology Foundation


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